About Oomph

Oomph – 234% Funded on KickStarter

Launched on Kickstarter on 27th November 2015, the Oomph Coffee Maker is a simple to use, elegantly designed portable coffee maker & travel cup in one. All that is required to use the device is fresh coffee, hot water and a coffee lover.

The Oomph Coffee Maker is the brainchild of Matthew Deasy, a coffee enthusiast and engineer with many years of industry experience under his belt. Matthew first thought of the idea for Oomph in 2009 and has been working on concepts and prototypes ever since.

Working with industry experts across a plethora of fields, Matthew has today been able to get his product to the final prototypes stage. Oomph has been designed, tested and improved by coffee lovers from its initial concept stage.

This means that its been constantly under scrutiny of some of the world’s most famous coffee lovers, such as World Barista Championship Judge and Q Grader Jonny England.

The Oomph Portable Coffee Maker, is now available to purchase.

Oomph portable coffee machine

Key Team Members

Matthew Deasy


Matthew Deasy

Creator of the Oomph Coffee Maker, Matthew has been a coffee engineer for over 10 years and a coffee lover his whole life.

Facts About Matthew:

  • Matthew has a BEng (Hons) Electronic & Electrical Engineering
  • Is a speaker at Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program
  • Gets obsessed with new coffee gadgets (very easily)

Email: Matthew*at*the-oomph.com

Sara Deasy

Co-Creator, Finance

Co-Creator, Finance

Sara is a coffee lover and brings her financial knowledge to the forefront of the work we do with Oomph.

Facts About Sara:

  • Has a BSc (Hons) Business Studies with Quantitative Management
  • Has over 8 years experience at director level in the coffee industry
  • Winner of Goldman Sachs Small Business Award


Andy Bembridge


Andy Kinsey

A lover of all things coffee, Andy is a proud coffee geek with digital marketing credentials too.

Facts About Andy:

  • Andy loves coffee gadgets more than Matthew (probably not true)
  • Has a 1st Class Degree in Marketing with Business.
  • Loves tech, gadgets and anything that’s just a little bit different.

Email: andyb*at*the-oomph.com

Tom Mullarkey


Andy Kinsey

The newest member of the Oomph team, Tom is great at just about anything we throw at him.

Facts About Tom:

  • The only team member who’s not obsessed with coffee – we don’t hold a grudge…
  • Is currently studying a BSC in Business with IT.
  • Types at an inhuman speed.

Email: tom*at*the-oomph.com