What does it do?

The Oomph coffee maker is a filter, pressure brewer and travel cup in one. Thanks to our unique design, you can now brew exceptional coffee in under 2 minutes with minimal fuss.

Combining the best features of traditional press and modern piston brewing, the Oomph’s brewing system has the added advantage of being entirely self-contained, sealing in flavour and getting the very best out of your favourite coffee.

Once you’ve brewed, the Oomph will keep your coffee hot for up to an hour so you can decant into a mug or drink directly from the device itself.

Oomph portable coffee machine
Oomph portable coffee machine

How does it work?

Brewing with the Oomph couldn’t be simpler. After adding your favourite ground coffee into the inner chamber, pour on hot water and allow to brew. After around 1 minute of brewing on the reusable filter, the device is ready to be pressed.

Whereas a standard piston brewer generates a fixed amount of pressure, the Oomph’s specially designed chamber narrows towards the filter, forcing liquid through the coffee at an accelerated flow rate. The rate of erosion is therefore greatly increased and thanks to the higher level of insolubles in your coffee, you are guaranteed a stronger and more flavoursome brew.


Unique Capabilities

Once fully pressed, the grounds are compacted beneath the piston. Although the process all takes place in a sealed unit, your brewed coffee is cleverly forced up, through the outer wall and back into the central chamber, ready to drink. This means that the grounds and liquid are kept separate, creating an anti-bitterness lock as the extraction process is stopped completely.

The Oomph is the only device on the market capable of adjusting your brew. Using our patented variable strength control system, you can simply unlock and reverse the press. The internal piston will draw the liquid back through the coffee grounds, allowing you to brew for longer before pressing again and locking in the flavour once more.

Oomph portable coffee machine
Oomph portable coffee machine

Our Story

Brainchild of engineer and coffee enthusiast, Matthew Deasy, the original prototype was devised in 2009. After many years of refinement and testing the Oomph coffee maker was finally launched as a Kickstarter project in November 2015.

The device went on to become the most successful coffee gadget ever on any UK crowdfunding platform, reaching a huge 234% of its original target. After fulfilling 2,493 crowdfunding orders, the Oomph was launched to the general public in December 2016 and is now making great coffee in kitchens, offices and many other places around the world.


An all-in-one that actually delivers … makes consistently good coffee with minimal fuss.” – GQ Magazine


More recently, the Oomph has begun to attract media attention around the world, featuring in GQ Magazine’s ‘Best Stuff’ section in the United States and soon to appear on one of UK television’s most popular shows.

Key Team Members

Matthew Deasy


Matthew Deasy

Creator of the Oomph Coffee Maker, Matthew has been a coffee engineer for over 10 years and a coffee lover his whole life.

Facts About Matthew:

  • Matthew has a BEng (Hons) Electronic & Electrical Engineering
  • Is a speaker at Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program
  • Gets obsessed with new coffee gadgets (very easily)

Email: Matthew*at*the-oomph.com

Sara Deasy

Co-Creator, Finance

Co-Creator, Finance

Sara is a coffee lover and brings her financial knowledge to the forefront of the work we do with Oomph.

Facts About Sara:

  • Has a BSc (Hons) Business Studies with Quantitative Management
  • Has over 8 years experience at director level in the coffee industry
  • Winner of Goldman Sachs Small Business Award


Andy Bembridge


Andy Kinsey

A lover of all things coffee, Andy is a proud coffee geek with digital marketing credentials too.

Facts About Andy:

  • Andy loves coffee gadgets more than Matthew (probably not true)
  • Has a 1st Class Degree in Marketing with Business.
  • Loves tech, gadgets and anything that’s just a little bit different.

Email: andyb*at*the-oomph.com

Neil Harrison


Andy Kinsey

An important part of the Oomph team, Neil loves great coffee and wants our customers get the most from their Oomph

Facts About Neil:

  • Drinks far more coffee than is healthy
  • Has a Masters Degree in History
  • Is a music quizzing mastermind

Email: neil*at*the-oomph.com