Hello everyone!

It’s been quite a week! After the long wait, which we know our amazing backers have shared with us, the completed Oomphs finally arrived.

We haven’t had time to celebrate yet though! As you’ll see below, we’ve been working non-stop to unpack and label the individual Oomphs to get the orders fulfilled as quickly as possible.

We have been as excited as you guys to get our hands on the finished product, Of course, we already love it, but we wanted to get the opinion of an expert. So one of the first Oomphs to arrive was handed to Kev from coffeeblog.co.uk so he could review it for us.

In the video below, Kev talks to Matthew and shares his thoughts on the Oomph after using it for a few days. So if yours is in the post right now, check out the video and see what to expect from your Oomph!


Free Coffee Perks

To those of our crowdfunding backers who opted for the free coffee perk, we wanted to let you know that we have sent a number of Oomphs with coffee included internationally as ‘guinea pigs’ and the result has invariably been a hold up at customs.

This is a result of sending foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs together in the same package. Rather than experience anymore hold ups resulting from the amount of paperwork this would generate, we have taken the executive decision to dispatch the Oomphs right away without coffee included.

But fear not! Your coffee will follow shortly after as a separate delivery. We understand the majority of our backers are eagerly awaiting their coffee maker so we wanted to reassure you that the Oomph is on its way and your coffee won’t be long!

Many thanks as ever,

The Oomph Team