Thank you to everyone who has been in touch to say that the Oomph is easier to operate after the initial few brews. From plunging to clicking into place, once the Oomph has been used a few times it will begin to feel easier and more responsive to make coffee with. Because the Oomph is designed to withstand use for thousands of brews, it is made of robust, durable materials which can feel a little resistant at first.

If you are finding it difficult to lock your Oomph into place, here’s a little workaround which should ‘train’ your device to close and lock much easier.

    • Disassemble the Oomph by removing the lid and outer casing.
    • Unscrew the inner chamber and separate.
    • Place the lid and inner chamber to one side and, taking just the outer casing and the base, slide together as if plunging and lock the hooks into place.
    • Unlock and click back into place around ten times.
    • Rotate the outer casing so that the next hook is placed in the next locking position. Repeat the above step.
    • Rotate once more and repeat until each locking hook has been worn into each cavity around ten times.
    • Completely reassemble your Oomph and prepare a coffee as normal .You should find both the plunging and locking operations much easier.



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If you continue to experience problems, please continue to the rest of our Troubleshooting section.