Using the Oomph Zone

We all have our preferences when it comes to making good coffee. Thanks to this handy guide, and the Oomph Zone’s ingenious design, you’ll soon be satisfying your every coffee whim …

The Oomph Zone

We have received a number of questions from intrigued Oomph followers asking about the mysterious Oomph Zone.
What is the Oomph zone? What does the Oomph zone do? Fear not! Here’s everything you need to know …

  • As you pour hot water into your Oomph, the weight of the water alone is enough to begin pushing liquid through the ground coffee.
  • As it does this, you will notice the liquid – your precious coffee – beginning to rise up the outer layer of the Oomph.
  • Wait for it to reach the magic Oomph Zone … Now grab the lid and plunge!
  • Plunging when coffee is visible anywhere inside the Oomph Zone guarantees a perfect brew. Simple as that!
  • Like a strong brew? Let the coffee hit the top of the Oomph Zone. Prefer a lighter brew? Plunge closer to the lower line.

How to Measure your Coffee

Throw away your spoons!

Ok, that might be a little drastic. But there is a quicker and easier way to measure out just the right amount of coffee on that last-minute morning.

Below the Oomph Zone you’ll find a handy guide to filling your Oomph with the perfect coffee quantity. These three little lines will make sure you get it right on even the sleepiest mornings. What’s more you’ll never have to worry about wasting an ounce of your favourite blend!

Begin a balanced relationship – find your favourite ratio below …

The bottom line is that not everyone wants a full caffeine hit all the time. That’s why we put in the bottom line. We call it the Half Brew line.

For a full strength, full flavour coffee, in a full cup, fill to the Full Brew line.

The Max Fill line – Oomph!

Thanks for reading our guide to The Oomph Zone! To find out more about  the Oomph coffee maker click below. 

Ready to Find your Flavour?