Oomph Features – Variable Strength Control

From the outset, the Oomph coffee maker was designed to be more than just a coffee brewer. One of the many unique features of the Oomph is its ability to ‘adjust’ the strength and flavour of your coffee. We call this ‘Variable Strength Control’ and no other coffee brewer on the market can do it.

What is it?

So, what exactly does ‘Variable Strength Control’ mean? And how does it work?  Most importantly, how can you use it to make better coffee?

Say you decide to splash out on a very nice single origin or specialist blend coffee. You’ve never brewed with this coffee before so you begin to experiment with measurements and brewing times to achieve the perfect strength and flavour. This process is called ‘dialing in’ and is an essential part of fulfilling the maximum potential of any coffee.

Using a standard piston press, the ‘dialing in’ process is invariably wasteful. You may have to brew multiple times before you find the ideal flavour, wasting precious coffee in the process. The Oomph changes all that …

Thanks to its entirely self-contained design, the Oomph can brew numerous times using the same measure of coffee and water, locking in the strength and flavour each time without wasting more than a sip.

Watch the video below to see how it works.

The Oomph cleverly reduces the need for longer brewing times as it generates an accelerated flow rate during the press, so begin by brewing for around 1 minute before pressing. After sampling, you’ll most likely find that a little longer brewing time is required. This is where the experimenting begins.

Because the coffee remains contained within the brewer and, importantly, no heat or liquid has been lost, all you need to do is unlock the Oomph and pull back the plunger. This will draw the liquid back through the grounds and allow you to brew for a little longer. Brewing for a little longer before locking in the flavour once more will provide you with a level of precision unlike any other coffee brewer or piston press you can buy. Not only can you generate a range of tastes from a single coffee, but for each coffee in your collection you’ll get to know the exact brewing time to use to achieve your perfect flavour from the very first attempt with the Oomph.

‘Variable Strength Control’ is just one of the features that makes the Oomph a real coffee lovers’ gadget. Our expert testers, including World Barista Championship Judge, Jonny England, have successfully dialled in the perfect strength and flavour of a wide range of coffees using this method and none could quite believe they were able to walk away with a perfect tasting coffee without wasting a single cup!

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