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Oomph product Promise mobile
Oomph product Promise

Pressure brewed for a rich, velvety smooth coffee

Stays hot for up to 45 minutes

Large 470ml Capacity [2 medium cups]

Delicious, perfectly extracted coffee in less than 2 minutes

The Oomph can RE-BREW to adjust the strength of coffee after the brewing process.

Easily cleans in as little as 20 seconds

How the Oomph brews

Find Your Perfect Flavour

The Oomph is the only pressure brewer on the market capable of varying the strength and flavour of your coffee after the brewing process – using our unique Variable Strength Control feature.

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Once you’ve pressed and locked the Oomph, the brewing process is complete. The coffee grounds and hot coffee are kept completely separate so there can be no stewing or over-extraction, meaning you get a smooth brew every time.

Not happy with your first attempt? Don’t worry.The Oomph is the only coffee device on the market that allows you to adjust your coffee after brewing.

There’s no need to throw away your precious coffee and start again. And there’s no need to make do with inferior coffee. Simply unlock and pull up the Oomph’s outer sleeve. This will draw the liquid back through the coffee grounds, allowing you to brew your coffee for a few more seconds. Press and lock again and you are ready to go with a stronger, fuller bodied coffee.


The Ultimate Takeaway Coffee

Our patented three-chamber design ensures the brewing process is entirely self contained, sealing in the flavour and keeping your coffee hotter for longer.

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Save money on expensive takeaway coffees with the world’s most advanced portable coffee maker. At home or in the office, commuting or camping … Wherever you are, the Oomph is the perfect coffee companion,

“My best investment on the Dragons’ Den has been the Oomph Coffee Maker.”

– Jenny Campbell (BBC Dragons’ Den)


Brew Like a Pro

The Oomph’s uniquely designed brewing system generates an Accelerated Flow Rate which forces pressurised water through your ground coffee much faster than a standard piston press. Designed to emulate a traditional espresso machine, the Oomph produces the ultimate takeaway coffee.

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Designed to emulate a traditional espresso machine, the Oomph effortlessly transforms your hand power into brewing force. The high level of pressure generated by the Oomph forces hot water through the grounds at an accelerated rate, eroding the coffee and actively pulling flavour from the blend, rather than simply stewing it.

Brewing your own amazing coffee has never been easier or faster.

Minimising the need for brewing time makes the Oomph the fastest hand powered portable coffee maker in the world.


Perfection Every Time

Discover perfect coffee with any blend. From filter to espresso grinds, the Oomph’s patent pending Intelligent Grind Correction system brews your favourite ground coffee beautifully, while the Anti Bitterness lock ensures a smooth brew every time.

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From standard filter coffee to speciality espresso blends, our grind correction system and anti-bitterness lock are designed to get the very best flavour from your favourite blend. Experiment with grind sizes and brewing times to achieve a range of flavours.

The Oomph is the most versatile hand powered coffee brewer on the market.

It is also entirely reusable. Our stainless steel filter is designed to keep going brew after brew, so there’s no need for paper filters or any other messy extras.


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Additional information

Weight 0.85 kg

230mm x 83mm x 83mm


13floz / 470ml


613 grams (when empty)

Filter Type:

Reusable Stainless Steel Microfilter


BPA free Tritan plastic construction