Become An
Oomph Referral Partner

Refer and Earn for each device your sell

Own a small business website? Maybe you write a coffee blog? or perhaps you just love talking about coffee on social media? Join our free online partner referral programme to earn from the Oomph product catalog.

We offer £5 for each device sold via the partners referral link.

The link can be placed anywhere, and you can sign up to start earning straight away. There is no waiting around for approval, simply click the button below to register and you can be start earning today as an Oomph Referral Partner.

Common Questions

How do we pay & How often

We pay £5 for each device sold, this is a flat rate across our Oomph Coffee Makers.
This includes referrals to yourself, so you can buy gifts with your information and earn on them too.

We make payments when you hit the £50 threshold via PayPal at the start of each month, alternatively you can ask us to turn your referrals into store credit.

If you’d like us to pay you in another way do please contact our team

How are we tracking referrals (and length of referral)

Like most referral systems we are using Browser Cookies to track your unique referrals as an Oomph Partner.

The great news is that if someone clicks on your link we will keep that cookie alive for 7 days from that click. So even if they don’t buy on the first visit and come back later – you get that referral.

It’s because of the way we have referrals set up that you can put your unique referral link anywhere you want around the web and start earning. From twitter and facebook, to emailing your friends, to writing a blog post – it all counts.

Tracking for Partner Referrals currently only works via website and NOT via any other websites we sell on.

Can ANYONE become an Oomph Referral Partner?

Today, literally anyone can sign up to become an Oomph Referral Partner.

However, we have brand standards to apply and should your site be found to be acting in an illegal manner, spamming people, posing as the Oomph then we will look to take action and potentially remove your account – without paying the referrals you have earned.

We issue this warning not because we think YOU are acting in this way but for legal reasons.

Can I open multiple accounts?

You can open more than one account, Yes.

However, remember that each account won’t begin to pay until you’ve hit £50 of referral credit.

If you are looking to set up multiple accounts for multiple sites, it may be best to first get in touch with us andy*at* to discuss your needs and requirements, we are always looking to help our partners.

What about Photographs and Marketing material?

Once you sign up you will see a tab called “creatives” in here you will find banners and photographs of the Oomph.

We’ll keep this updated on a regular basis. If something is missing, get in touch.

If you’ve got a question about the Oomph Referral Partner system please get in touch.

Email us andyb*at* or click the chat box in the bottom right of this page.