Get to Know your Oomph Coffee Maker

Like all the best things in life, there’s more to the Oomph coffee maker than meets the eye.  The Oomph’s sleek exterior belies an ingenious combination of components that work together perfectly to make your coffee smooth, flavoursome and fast and easy to brew.

While you wouldn’t ordinarily dismantle your latest favourite gadget, with the Oomph, we actively encourage you to do so. Knowing how to take apart your coffee maker (and out it back together) will help when it comes to thorough cleaning, removing any blockages and troubleshooting potential issues.

So let’s get started.

Outer Sleeve and Chamber

The main two sections of the Oomph are the outer sleeve and the chamber. The outer sleeve incorporates the lid, the insulated cover and the plunger, while the chamber is comprised of four main components which we’ll look into below.

Outer Chamber

Put simply, the outer chamber is where you put your coffee and water. On the outside you will find the ‘Oomph Zone’. Once you start brewing, you will see freshly brewed coffee rise up the Oomph’s outer wall. Once the coffee reaches the Oomph Zone you are ready to plunge. The higher the coffee level reaches, the stronger your coffee will be.

In a rush? Give the coffee grounds a quick stir to see the coffee level reach the Oomph Zone faster.

Inner Chamber

When adding your coffee, there are handy guide marks at the bottom of the chamber. The lower line indicates the minimum amount of coffee you can put in to achieve a good coffee. The centre line is for a strong brew and ‘Max Coffee Fill’ is the name of the Oomph’s inventor. Just kidding … Pouring your ground blend to the Max Fill Line will make your coffee extra strong – be sure to leave extra time for the coffee to brew.

At the top of the inner chamber you will find two crucial seals. To avoid problems with leaking and locking the sleeve into place, it is important these seals are located correctly. For more information on locating the seals properly please see the rest of our How to Oomph guide.

In order to remove the inner chamber simply hold the outer chamber firmly and grip the inside of the inner before twisting anti-clockwise gently. Important: Take extra care when removing and re-attaching the inner chamber to not damage the screw threads as this may lead to a leaky Oomph!

Oomph coffee maker turbine and filter

Turbine and Filter

To give your Oomph a seriously good clean it’s a good idea to remove the turbine and filter elements as this is where any potential blockages are most likely to occur. The turbine is easily detached from the bottom of the inner chamber with a slight twist and the reusable filter will simply pop out once this has been removed. The filter is likely to become stained over time but this should not affect its usability. If cleaned regularly, the filter will last for over a thousand coffee brews. A great tip for removing stains and coffee grounds from the filter is to remove it and soak it in lemon juice for an hour. Give it a rinse and scrub afterwards and it should look as good as new!


Finally, the Oomph’s closeable lid is ergonomically designed to fit the shape of your palm to make plunging your coffee more comfortable. The clasp cover clicks conveniently into place in both the open and closed positions. This is useful when tightening the lid – simply click the clasp into the open position and use the over hanging part to give the lid an extra twist!


Thanks for reading our guide to the Oomph coffee maker! To find out more please click below. 

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