Continuously Evolving – Oomph Updates and Revisions

Launched on 27th November 2015 our crowdfunding campaign was a huge success. This was partly down to the Oomph and the great coffee it brews and partly due to the amazing backers who joined us for this journey. Ever since the Oomph was launched, we have been responding to customer feedback by continuously tuning and tweaking the design in an effort to perfect the Oomph experience. At this stage the Oomph has had three significant design revisions which we called Mark 1, Mark 2 and Mark 3.

Oomph Mark 1


The Oomph Mark 1 was a huge crowdfunding success.

This was the model launched post-crowdfunding to our 2400+ backers. We received amazing feedback from our Mark 1 model and the vast majority of our backers are still happily using it to this day. We did discover, however, that due to incorrectly located seals during assembly, a number of the first manufacture run leaked at the lid. We addressed this issue as soon as possible and rectified this problem with the affected backers where we were able to.

Oomph Mark 2

The main difference between the Oomph Mark 1 and the Oomph Mark 2 was the introduction of an easy-close catch. Drawing on feedback from backers who owned the Mark 1 we discovered that some people found the catch difficult to close. By altering the shape of the catch and reducing the hardness of one of the seals we were able to make the catch easier to close.

Oomph Mark 3

The Oomph Mark 3 is the current version of the Oomph and one that we are extremely pleased with. The main difference between the Mark 2 and the Mark 3 is the introduction of a ‘reduced turn’ lid that virtually eliminates any chance of cross-threading when replacing the lid and thus reduces the likelihood of unwanted leaking.



The previous version of the lid required a 360 degree revolution to tighten completely. The new model requires just over 45 degrees – just over a quarter turn, to form a complete seal.We also introduced a power-band to the top seal which has increased its functionality as well as reducing the effort required to ensure a good seal. These new modifications are now in use across all colours within the Oomph range.


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