The Oomph Mark 3

Since its launch in 2016 the Oomph coffee maker has been busy making superior coffee across the globe.


In homes, offices and virtually anywhere a good cup of joe is required, the Oomph has proven to be the “perfect coffee companion”.


Throughout this time our designers have been responding to feedback from the thousands of Oomph users around the world and have worked to continuously improve and adapt the hottest coffee maker on the market. The latest version of the Oomph coffee maker is the Oomph Mark 3. This is the model currently available on our website.

One of the first adaptions to be made was the introduction of an ‘easy lock’ catch which makes the coffee maker easier to lock and ‘click’ securely into place once plunged. All current Oomph coffee makers now have this feature as standard.

A more recent update has seen the introduction of white guide markings on the Oomph’s inner and outer chambers. An important feature of the Oomph, these integral guides are there to show you how much coffee to use and when your brew has reached the all-important ‘Oomph Zone’. We wanted to make these guides easier to see against a dark background of velvety smooth coffee, hence the change from black to bright white.

Perhaps the biggest update to the Oomph to date has been the change to a reduced turn lid. Now requiring just a quarter of a turn to secure, this lid is virtually impossible to cross thread which means the chances of spilling or leakage when drinking or pouring from the lid are vastly reduced.

Another important adaption to the lid recently saw the flip top catch improved to be more robust and durable. Now employing a secure ‘locking wedge’ design, the Oomph Mark 3 gives a very satisfying ‘click’ whenever opened or closed.

Finally, the Oomph’s packaging has undergone quite a radical overhaul in recent months. Responding to both practical and aesthetic considerations, the Oomph Mark 3 now arrives in a stunning presentation case, making it a perfect gift for any coffee lover. What’s more, there is now a brand new, comprehensive Oomph user guide included in every case!

Of course, the ground-breaking features that saw the original Oomph prove so popular are still in place. The completely reusable stainless steel filter means there’s still no need for messy papers or filters. The unique stirring turbine will keep your coffee mixed perfectly from the first sip to the last. The Oomph’s integrated piston press continues to prevent over-extraction, locking out bitterness and giving you guaranteed smooth coffee flavour every time. And the Oomph is still the only hand powered coffee maker on the market capable of adjusting the strength of your coffee after the brewing process according to your preference using our unique variable strength control feature.

Although continuous improvement is a key part of what we do here at Oomph, we are very happy with the Oomph Mark 3 and we hope you will be too. Click below to try out the Oomph Mark 3 yourself.